Please call up your representatives in Congress today and tell them citizens want intelligent telecommunications technology that is reliable, safe, energy-efficient and enduring, NOT the present plan for antenna densification, with antennas outside every few houses, aesthetically damaging our living environment, using 100x more energy that a hard-wired fiber optic >>>
Fri, Aug 17, 2018
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5G Rhetoric In public discussions on the topic of communications and media technology—e.g., the mention of “smart cities” and of the future of everything from smart phones, and autonomous vehicles to electric power grids—we frequently see an emphasis on 5G wireless (fifth generation) and a neglect of the >>>
Mon, Aug 13, 2018
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“In conclusion, despite the improved quantitative exposure assessment used in this study, the results do not support a positive association between occupational exposure to high-frequency EMF and either glioma or meningioma risk. However, given our limited statistical power, due to the small number of exposed participants, and despite our results' >>>
Wed, Aug 01, 2018
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“We found preliminary evidence suggesting that RF-EMF may affect brain functions such as figural memory in regions that are most exposed during mobile phone use.” >>>
Wed, Jul 25, 2018
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An “urgent” call for action from D. Belpomme, L. Hardell, I. Belyaev, E. Burgio & D. Carpenter. >>>
Tue, Jul 24, 2018
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Martin Blank died on June 13 at the age of 85.A retired professor at Columbia University, Blank was a long-time EMF researcher, best known for his collaboration with Columbia's Reba Goodman.Writing in his 2014 book, Overpowered, Blank called himself an “unlikely activist” and urged people to practice precaution.His obituary is >>>
Fri, Jun 15, 2018
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On March 9, 2018, Founder, Camilla Rees, MBA, received the “2018 Public Health Award” from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine (GFIM) for her contribution to public health and safety. The Award was presented at the World Congress of Integrative Medicines in New York City. New York's >>>
Sat, Mar 17, 2018
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Attached please find an important document describing well-established biological, health and mental health effects of electromagnetic fields. It was originally prepared for European Union officials, in response to discussion regarding 5G risks. The document addresses, among other things, cellular DNA damage, oxidative stress, lowered male/female fertility, elevated spontaneous >>>
Sun, Feb 04, 2018
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