The AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, has now formally opposed SB.649 in California. This proposed legislation has now also been formally opposed by major California newspaper editorial boards, as well as by over 200 cities and 34 counties. But the wireless industry promoters continue to fight hard >>>
Thu, Jul 27, 2017
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“We believe that mold and mold toxin (mycotoxin) exposure can trigger EHS.” … “Many of our patients complaining of EHS have a history of head injury.” >>>
Fri, Jul 14, 2017
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“These findings reveal a molecular basis of electroreception and demonstrate how discrete evolutionary changes in ion channel structure facilitate sensory adaptation.” >>>
Fri, Jun 30, 2017
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By Lennart Hardell. A review of WHO and ICNIRP's roles in the ongoing evaluation of RF and health. Includes details of a March meeting with WHO's Maria Neira, who denied there are any conflicts of interest at work. Open access. >>>
Wed, Jun 21, 2017
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SB.649 will be assigned to Assembly Committees on Thursday, June 15. Please contact Members of the CA Assembly, and especially the Assembly Health Committee, to voice your objection to SB.649. Link is below. PRESS RELEASE California Senate Passed SB.649 — An Unconstitutional Bill That Forcibly Exposes Neighborhoods to >>>
Sat, Jun 10, 2017
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“There was no clear evidence for interactions between occupational ELF and chemical exposures in relation to glioma or meningioma risk observed.” For more on INTEROCC, go here. >>>
Fri, Jun 09, 2017
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Experts on Screen Effects, Internet Addiction, Wireless Radiation, and Student Privacy Assemble to Discuss the Pressing Need to Limit Technology Use in Schools to Protect Children A forum on technology and screen time risks to children is planned for Thursday, April 20th 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the >>>
Thu, Mar 23, 2017
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Press Release Below is an inquiry letter sent by attorneys Swankin & Turner to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy and Environmental Health Trust questioning the adequacy of the FCC's enforcement of its existing cell phone radiation >>>
Tue, Jan 10, 2017
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